Sunday, December 03, 2006

Godin's Guacamole

The people who effect change these days are the influencers who pay attention and care enough to tell others. Blogging is one of their most potent tools as they curate ideas, products, services, and what's right and wrong with society. I predict that it will be the blogs, for example, that uncover the scandal of what's in the packaged foods we eat. One of my recent posts included the unfortunate trend of marketers spinning food as healthy when it has no basis other than being marginally better than the even worse choices.

Seth Godin's latest post strikes a similar tone by sharing the ingredient statement for Kraft's Guacamole. Glad to see it.

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the desigNerd said...

Thanks for this post Steven. I also read Godin's article. This topic raises some good questions but doesn't give any solution.

As a designer my job is to utilize the maximum real-estate of the PDP and bring 'pick me' appeal to the package. But who cares for what’s inside? More than ingredients the consumers are drawn to its 'glossy' appetizing image, (mis)leading taglines and most importantly the price-tag.

Who is to blame? Is it enough to blame it on the..."marketers spinning food as healthy"...WISH, there was a law where PDP was reversed. Every product's front panel read Ingredients & Nutrition Facts and back panel had images and taglines!