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Curator Economy Article

I wrote a precursor to this concept called Curator Economy of this concept that was published on in early 2005.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Marketing began with word-of-mouth before we had the media tools to communicate with millions at time. Then, with radio and television, marketing became one-way communication where marketers controlled your expectations of their products. Today, we are reconnected — just as we were connected before mass communication. But, this time, geography has little to do with that connection. Instead, we're joined by shared values, shared experiences, and an aspiration to emulate cultural figures we admire.

The power of influencers is not new. But the tools we now have to instantly disseminate opinions and the way that changes consumer behavior is a revolution. As the amount of information and content continues to expand in infinite directions, our reliance on curators increases.

At this early stage, the abstract for this concept is as follows:

1. The Burden of Choice
- how we got here

**UPDATE** : backdrop of confluence of trends

2. Who are the Curators?
- is Yahoo! a curator or just an organizer? What about Google?
- can a brand be a curator?
- are we all curators for the slice of content we know best?

3. Decline of the Master Brand and the Rise of the Curator Brand
- unlimited brand expansion leads to dilution and the biggest brands eventually fall on their own weight
- Toyotasaw this early and resisted the temptation to extend the nameplate to the luxury and urban youth market (thus: Lexus and Scion)
- Volkswagen missed this and lost its way with the Phaeton

4. Find Your Niche (RULE)
- dramatic shift from one-sized-fits-all to a focus on managing a portfolio of niche brands

5. Share the Brand (RULE)
- transparency is rewarded with connection and loyalty

6. Create an Ecosystem of Partner Brands (RULE)
- Apple stores showcase complementary and competitive brand right next to theirs
- Sony stores are the GAP of consumer electronics and close themselves off from other brands
- A curator looks to enhance your experience, brings forth things that challenge convention, and values the emotional connection over the quick sale

7. Courting the Curator/Influencer (RULE)
- in addition to brand partnering, we must also court the curators with authentic and open disclosure
- Bryan Singer interrupted shooting Superman Returns to fly around the world to demonstrate his authentic passion for the character at Comic-con in San Diego

8. **UPDATED**: Authentic/Real (RULE)